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In no particular order…

1. Stay at The Bali Dream Villa (Seminyak) and enjoy a private pool, heavily air-conned rooms, free taxis,  lovely staff and nasi goreng for breakfast.

2. Try traditional Balinese street food from one of the many street vendors. I was a bit chicken so only tried BBQ’ed  corn with chili butter, but trust me when I say it was totally worth any food poisoning I may have received!

3. Take a Bali Hai cruise to a pontoon on the coast of Lembongan island, complete with diving, snorkeling, water slide, massages, banana boat, submarine, diving board, massive buffet lunch and boat to Lembongan.

4. Have a drink and a swim at Alila Ubud (or better yet, stay there).

5. Order a taxi from Gede (pronounced G’day); the best taxi driver in the world (gedemurjana@yahoo.com) .

6. Have Yogi from Yogi Bear Tailor (Kuta) make all the clothes your heart desires.

7. Have dinner at La Sal Spanish tapas restaurant (Seminyak) , sample their extensive cocktail list and order the white chocolate mousse with passionfruit heart for dessert (one of the best desserts I have eaten in my life).

8. Visit the monkey forest in Ubud. Buy bananas at the entrance if you want to be attacked. One of the most terrifying, yet hilarious moments of my life.

9. Try Nasi Gudeg (a traditional Indonesian dish) at Gabah restaurant in Kuta (across the road from the Kuta markets).

10. Spend a day at Waterbom water park (Kuta) and relax between rides with a massage and a fish spa.

11. Have a few cocktails at Potato Head (Seminyak) and go for a dip in their infinity pool.

12. Go for a dip in the warm waters of Jimbaran Bay and cool off with a $2 Magnum!

13. Shop the Kuta markets for jewelry, Bintang singlets, sarongs and designer rip-offs. $2 imitation Ray Ban Wayfarers? Sweet!

14. Have dinner at The Junction restaurant (Seminyak Square). Pricey for Bali standards, but the food is cheap as chips, compared to its Australian counterparts.

15. Have a Bintang, the local beer of choice. At AUD$2 it’s hardly a premium drop, but is definitley drinkable- especially on a hot day.

16. Head to Spa Bali (Seminyak). We went there four times. Can highly recommend the full body massage, mani-pedi, facial, full body scrub, flower bath and their delicious ginger tea.

17. Order McDonalds delivered. I do not eat McDonalds, but my friends all considered this a highlight so I will make it a recommendation anyway.

18. Have a seafood BBQ on the beach at Surya Cafe (Jimbaran Bay) at sunset, and make sure you get Mani as your waiter.

19. Hire scooters and flirt with death in the crazy Kuta traffic. We hired ours from Yogi Bear.

20. Spend up large at the all exclusive Rock Bar in Jimbaran. I’ve never used the expression ‘out of this world’ before, but there seems to be no other suitable way of describing it!

21. Have lunch at The Corner Store (Seminyak). They nail the simple sandwich that Australian cafe’s struggle to offer, let alone master. Cute little clothing and home-ware store Tuck Shop also adjoins the cafe. Bliss.


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1. Grand Gelato in Glebe. Gelato Blue in Newtown. Gelato Messina in Darlinghurst.
2. Crown Street. Every single thing on Crown St.
3. Camp Cove, Palm Beach and Redleaf Pool.
4. The sampling counters in Thomas Dux. I go there every day.
5. The crisp blue sky days of winter.
6. Markets (Glebe, Bondi Beach, Paddington and The Rocks in particular).
7. Fresh fruit and vegies from Paddy’s or the Eveleigh markets.
8. Centennial Park.
9. Indian from Maya Da Dhaba in Surry Hills.
10. That Sydney is en route to everywhere (visitors galore!).

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1. Feijoas
2. Watties chilli beans
3. Chow
4. Fruju tropical sno’s
5. Artikel and Ricochet jewelry
6. Wholly Bagels
7. Sweet Mothers Kitchen (for the food and quirky interior) and Parade Cafe (for the view, top story bay window and the fireplace)
8. Glassons merino’s
9. $6 roti chanai from Satay Kingdom
10. Fish & Chips

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10 pet hates…

In no particular order…

1. People constantly pressing the button to cross the road at the lights. Just the once will do.
2. Sunglasses indoors. You wanker.
3. Clients and suppliers not signing off an email with their email signature.
4. Mineral makeup over the top of regular makeup. The idea behind mineral makeup is a) to look as though you aren’t wearing any & b) to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals on your skin. So why would you wear them together?!? Why?
5. Going to do the dishes and the inside of the gloves are wet. Aaargh.
6. Smoking.
7. Pen clickers. Have had to ask an examiner to tell off one of the other students for this before. So irritating.
8. Bad spelling.
9. Girls not getting the heels of their shoes repaired. Click, click, click all through town. Like a goat.
10. “I can understand what you say” automated voice systems. Love the new AAMI ad’s directed at this.

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In no particular order…
1. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time- Mark Haddon
2. This Charming Man- Marian Keyes
3. The Time Travelers Wife- Audrey Niffenger
4. The Bronze Horseman Trilogy (can’t pick a favourite)- Paullina Simons
5. Lolita- Vladimir Nabokov
6. Perfect Match- Jodi Picoult
7. Mama Mia- Mia Freedman
8. Tully- Paullina Simons
9. Memoirs of a Geisha- Arthur Golden
10. Anybody Out There?-  Marian Keyes

What are yours?

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In no particular order….
1. White washed or bright secondhand furniture finds
2. Fresh flowers from Paddy’s markets (last week brought home a pot of tulips for $5!)
3. An organised and fully stoked pantry, preferably in glass storage jars
4. Teacups (thanks to Laura for constantly adding to my collection)
5. Weekend baking (more recipes to come!)
6. Have You Met Miss Jones homewares
7. Pops of colour
8. Bus scrolls
9. Ecoya candles
10. Homegrown fresh herbs

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1. It being perfectly acceptable to spend the entire weekend in your trackies, under a duvet, on the couch watching reruns (Friends and SATC are my personal faves) and dvds on the telly
2. Soup- make a huge batch, freeze it and use for lunches. Easy. Delicious. Cheap.
3. Crisp, fresh, blue-skied mornings (opposed to the blustery raining ones)
4. Socks (I’m not one of those people who regards socks as an thoughtless gift. Not at all.)
5. That it is feijoa season
6. Tea- particularly peppermint
7. Spooning
8. Mittens (although gloves are more practical)
9. Sunday Roast dinners
10. Leather

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