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The most comfortable undies in the world: Jockey No Panty Line Promise Underwear. WOW they feel amazing, are pretty cheap and come in my favourite undie colour (beige). Hallelujah!!
I’m not one to try on undies in the store (those stickers they put in gross me out and you can never tell how they look with your undies on underneath anyway) so I feel like I am doing my part for humanity by recommending these. No longer shall women of Australia and New Zealand shudder at the thought of undie shopping. I can feel the heavens open up and hear the angels sing!


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Want. Need. Now.

Infact loving everything about this lovely lass. The hair, the belt, the cardi, the jacket, the tshirt, the short skirt.

Not personally the biggest fan of the shoes but I’ll let her off.

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