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Anyone who knows me well will know that nachos are one of my favourite meals. I like to eat them every week. At least once. And for the record the best nachos I’ve ever eaten are the vegetarian nachos from Manly Wharf bar. Now I’m not going to pretend that my nachos are gourmet or require any special skill to make. They are very quick, cheap and easy to make but very delicious. That’s why I love them and want to share my love for them. They are also one of the few meals I prefer to not include meat.

Nachos with Guacamole in 10 mins
Very important to use the exact brand listed here.

Bluebird Lime & Chilli corn chips or Dorito’s (any flavour)
Watties Chilli Beans or Coles Mexican Chilli Beans
Edam Cheese, grated
Sour cream
2 Avocado’s
1 tomato, diced
1 small red onion, diced
1 medium red chilli, finely sliced (seeds are fine)
2 tbs chopped coriander
Rind of 1 lemon
Juice of 1 lemon

Turn the grill onto 180ºC. To make the guacamole mash the avocado until smooth. Combine well with the 1 tbs of sour cream, tomato, onion, chilli flakes, coriander, lemon rind and lemon juice. Refrigerate. Divide corn chips amongst bowls, heat chilli beans in a saucepan and pour over the corn chips. Add a sprinkle of grated cheese to each bowl and grill until the cheese is bubbling and the corn chips are lightly toasted. Add a dollop of sour cream and a dollop of the guacamole. Serve. With a beer.


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Who would I turn gay for?

She’s older and slightly more ‘womanly’ than my usual girl crushes but she is simply fabulous.

Gorgeous. Large bouncy boobies. A self taught chef.  Married to the co-founder of Saatchi & Saatchi. Her own line of homewares. The queen of food porn.

What’s not to love?

Nigella Lawson. Who else?

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