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The name of a popular 80’s movie, but possibly more importantly, is the name of Irina Werning’s latest project and I absolutely love it! It’s amazing how much some people change or don’t really change at all. Here’s a few of my favourites….

To see more of Irina’s fabulous shots visit her website http://irinawerning.com/back-to-the-fut/back-to-the-future/


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Working in packaging design  I am constantly reading design magazines, researching on design blogs, checking our designers artwork and scanning the supermarket aisles for exciting new designs. This honey packaging is up there with my favourites from the last year. Packaged in a reusable clay flower pot – Stanley Honey asks you to plant more flowers to keep their bees busy. Innovative, delicious and eco-friendly. I love it. Now, if only they were sold in Australia…

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