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Pretty paperie…

Oh how I love pretty stationary! Just found a very cool stationary brand called Upon A Fold (uponafold.com.au) and recognise some of their cards from my favourite stationary shop; Paper 2 in Surry Hills (paper2.com.au). I’ve also recently discovered a cute eco store near work called Shelf/Life which sells some very cute little greeting cards and the most gorgeous wrapping paper. New Zealanders, keep an eye on your mail box!


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I love…

….my new Kikki.K 2010 diary!


If I had designed a diary this is almost exactly what it would look like.

Features that make this diary what it is:

  • Perfect size (A5).
  • Larger thick plastic outer to protect from doggy ears.
  • Cute unique designs on every page.
  • Stickers!
  • Large section at the back for notes.
  • Sections for Websites to visit, Movies to watch, Books to read, Restaurants to go to & Places to visit.
  • Smiley/sad faces and weather symbols to circle according to that day.
  • Address book included.
  • Plastic inserts for documents.
  • Ribbon bookmark. Any bookmark is a necessity.

The only things I would have done better is to have a ‘Recipes to make’ section and to have larger plastic inserts.

Be as cool as me and buy one today!  http://www.kikki-k.com/shop/product/2010-a6-cute-diary/

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